evelo▓pment of the space industry.- Coordinated development. C▓hina rationally allocates various resources, encourages and guides social forces to take an orderly part in space development. All space activities are coordinated under an overal

l plan of the state to promote the comprehensive development

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eepens institutional reforms
, and stimulates inno▓vation and creativity,

working to promote rapid d

of space science, space technology and space applications, and to improve the quality and efficiency of overall space development.- Peaceful development. China always adheres to the principle of the use of outer space for peaceful purposes, and ▓op

poses the weaponization of or an arms race in outer space. The country develops and utilizes space resources in a prudent manner, takes effective measures to protect the space environment to ensure a peaceful and clean outer space and guarantee that its space activ▓ities benefit t

he whole of mankind.- Open development. China persists in combining independ

ence and self-reli▓ance with opening to the outside world and internatio▓nal cooperation. It actively engages in international exchanges and cooperation on the basis of equality and m▓utual benefit, peaceful utilization, and inclusive dev▓elopment, striving to p

romote progress of space indus▓try for mankind as a whole and its long-term susta

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